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Lie detector test on TV

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The 4 levels of
accuracy available
that the client chooses from
for lie detector filming!

From highest accuracy
(1) to least (4).
Call to discuss these choices.
If you don't choose one,
or if instructions are not
followed, the testing
becomes Level 3.
Your examiner can give you
best advice for your project.

Level 1:

Full / High / Real

--the least common
that you see on social media
unless what viewers
see is the later recreation
--common for talk shows
and serious-only channels
--Yes or No answers
--very restricted format,
no moving or filming
during test, film a
recreation of it later using
the results obtained
during the real testing
--maximum four questions
from client
--is a medical test,
must be well hydrated
--zero movement other
than mouth during the
entire chart collection process
--no words spoken by examinee other
than a crisp one-syllable Yes or No
--most short film projects do not have
time or cooperation for this format
--not usually for fun or entertainment
--know that often when
a test is discussed,
some participants say
they will sit like a statue,
then quickly do not
follow those instructions,
and that changes it to
Level 2 or Level 3--
--takes the longest of
all accuracy levels
--if person is dehydrated,
accuracy will suffer

Level 2:


--the most common
on social media
--for fun, comedy, or
entertainment only
--some movement is tolerated
--estimated call accuracy
--provides some accuracy
--requires a short pre-test
--if a major wrong call is made that
would hurt the show's fun purpose,
client can ask for that question
to be re-asked ONCE and will sit still
on that and others asked near it
for a re-try on the 'wrong' call
--less potential accuracy than Level 1
--allows more questions than
a 'real' (Level 1) polygraph;
but: the more questions, the
less any potential accuracy is
--if this Level is chosen but not
completely followed, or if any
Level 3 activities occur, the
filming becomes a Level 3
with no discussion needed
--if it is many questions with
or without neutral questions
in between each, accuracy
will decline
--if rapid fire one question after
another, accuracy will suffer
--if person is dehydrated,
accuracy will suffer

Level 3:

Scripted / simulated /
known results

--common on social media for
when big movement or
silliness is involved
so an accurate choice
can not be used
--for fun or entertainment
--simulated with equipment
as an interesting film prop
--no real accuracy
--usually for comedy
or in-your-face video
--no restrictions
--the only choice that says
big movement and laughing
and fun theatrics is fine
--examiner actor follows the
direction or script issued
--used for the fun tests
--brings most laughs of
all 4 accuracy choices
--like a typical TV show: scripted
--client can tell the actor/examiner
to say Pass or say Fail as answers
occur; it is simply acting at this
polygraph accuracy level choice
--if not solidly scripted, acting
examiner will try to play along
--allows for the most fun
--the testing with the
most editing afterwords
--allows more questions than
a 'real' polygraph (Level 1)
--big moving, yelling, silliness
are signs of it being a Level 3

Accuracy Level 4:

--typical of music videos
--examiner/actor does
not say much

Remember, YOU choose the
accuracy level from the above
list needed for your project,
discuss with your examiner.

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Small or big projects OK

Also available for YouTube,
Instagram, TikTok, Reality TV,
Real Crime TV, podcasts,
radio, conventions,
corporate events,
book launches,
and all other film or
social media film needs.
For streamers too.

For special events
and corporate events too.

we know what a filmed
production needs.

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